Portfolio of Publications by Steve McCarty

Publications on Japan, Bilingualism, & Academic Ethics

Multilingual guidebooks to the pilgrimage island of Japan 

英和 Shikoku Bilingual Guidebook / Spanish / French / Dutch | Kagawa: A Guide to Sanuki, Gateway to Shikoku

Encyclopedia entries on Japanese religions

In W. M. Johnston (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Monasticism. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers (2000): "Shikoku, the Pilgrimage Island of Japan" (pp. 893-895), "Mount Kōya, Japan" (pp. 1162-1164), and "Buddhist Syncretism in Japan" (pp. 1223-1225).

Japanese culture, language, & haiku

"Dual Nationality in Japan: Learning to Love Ambiguity" Shingetsu News Agency (2019)

"Inexpensive Maiko Encounters and Kimono Cosplay in Kyoto" Taiken Japan (2019)

"Japan's Real Killers" Shingetsu News Agency Feature Article (2018) 

"Japanese People and Society" General Orientation (2011) [chapter for the government agency JICA (国際協力機構) introducing Japan to foreign government officials].

"Legend of the Woman Diver (「海女 」の和英翻訳・歴史的研究・解釈)" 『香川短期大学紀要』 [Kagawa Junior College Journal], 16, 17-22 (1988).

Kūkai and Zentsūji (M.A. Thesis), University of Hawaii at Manoa.

"Internationalizing the Essence of Haiku Poetry" Taj Mahal Review, Volume 7 Number 2, Literary Criticism (2008).

"Can non-Japanese write real haiku poetry?" Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms. Feature Article, Volume 2, Number 6 (2004).

"How to Hear Japanese Debate their Place in the World" GLOCOM Platform. Tokyo: International University of Japan (2003).

"Ms. Masuko Fujiki - Her Story: Just Graduated from University in Japan at Age 83" International Women Online Journal of Distance Education, 4 (2), 263-265. Anadolu University, Turkey (2015).

"Language as a Window into Japanese Culture" and other Webgeist articles (1997).

"Review of Multilingual Japan" JALT Journal, 19 (1), 138-142 (1997).

"Review of Multicultural Japan: From Palaeolithic to Postmodern" Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism - 多言語多文化研究, 3 (1), 57-59 (1997).

More articles, podcasts & videos on Japan are available by PC or tablet at the Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection or in Japanese: バイリンガリズムと日本学.

Academic standards and ethics

"Academic publications should broaden knowledge" Anecdotes of Academia (2020).

"What is the Academic Life? 1: General Answers to Essential Questions / 2: The Idea of the University / 3: Upholding Professional Standards and Ethics" Education India Journal (2012-2013).

"University Website Optimization and Google Scholar for Academic Recognition" Osaka Jogakuin College Journal, 44, 17-29 (2015).

"Setting up an Effective Google Scholar Profile" The Language Teacher, 41 (2), 31-34 (2017). Web version (links but no figures) PDF version (all illustrations but no links).

"Web Presence and Higher Education Rankings" Online Education Insights, 5 (1). World Association for Online Education (2013).

"Optimize your University for Global Rankings (We could be Heroes)" Osaka JALT Journal, 1, 174-177 (2014).

Invited contributions to Humanist, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, University of London (1997-1998).

"Cyberspace as an Academic Publishing Medium: Observations and Proposals" Journal of Online Education, 1 (1). New York University (1998). 

"Practitioners of the Liberal Arts" The Language Teacher, 19 (11), 43-44 (1995).

East-West biculturalism

"What it Means to be Bicultural" Tokyo: Child Research Net (2009).

"East-West Cultural Differences in Basic Life Stance" GLOCOM Platform. Tokyo: International University of Japan (2003).

"East meets West and South in Hong Kong" [Knowledge & Discourse Conference Review]. Asia-Pacific Exchange (Electronic) Journal, 3 (1). University of Hawaii (1996).

"Cultural Liberation: East-West Biculturalism for a New Century" University of Virginia, Multicultural Pavilion, International Project (1998).

Publications in Japanese on Bilingualism


「2言語・2文化併用の意義―成人バイリンガルの自己観察」[What it means to combine two languages and cultures - Self-observations of bilingual adults] chapter in 『バイリンガルの世界』 [World of the Bilingual] (1999). 論文集の概要 / book abstract

バイリンガリズムの理論と日本」 『香川短期大学紀要』, 21, 1-6 (1993).

二言語による子育てに関する著述 (5 interviews & articles in Japanese on bilingual child-raising). 東京:ベネッセ.

日本におけるバイリンガル子育ての可能性」 (2012), 「バイリンガリズム(二言語併用)の概念と観点」(2012), 「バイカルチュアル(二つの文化に属する)とは?」 (2011). 東京: チャイルドリサーチネット.

「バイリンガル教育とは 1: バイリンガル教育を目的別に分析する」(2013), 2: バイリンガル教育をタイプ別に分析する」(2013), 3: バイリンガル教育の事例を分析する」(2014). 東京: チャイルドリサーチネット.

Articles on Bilingualism

Understanding Bilingualism series - Tokyo: Child Research Net (2010): "Bilingual Child-Raising Possibilities in Japan" / "Bilingualism Concepts and Viewpoints"

Understanding Bilingual Education series - Child Research Net (2012): "Analyzing Purposes of Bilingual Education" / "Analyzing Types of Bilingual Education" / "Analyzing Cases of Bilingual Education"

Bilingualism and Language Teaching series - Child Research Net (2013): Bilingualism as the Goal of Language Learning" / "How Bilingualism Informs Language Teaching"

Taxonomy of Bilingualism series - Child Research Net (2014): "Levels of Bilingualism  > the Individual Level" / "Family and Societal Levels" / "School and Academic Levels"

"The Bilingual Perspective versus the Street Lamp Syndrome" IATEFL Voices, Issue 203, pp. 3-4 (2008). UK: International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

"Bilingualism for Language Teachers" Osaka JALT Journal, 1, 196-199 (2014).