Portfolio of Publications by Steve McCarty


Born in Boston, longtime full Professor in Japan (more details in the Profile and Web Links). This portfolio makes publications available online to all devices and categorizes articles by topic (see My Pages). PC users may browse the whole Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection with links to more publications, presentations, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other Websites by the author in English and Japanese. Steve's CV lists 84 presentations (39 available at Slideshare) and 224 publications, to which Google Scholar has found 385 citations.

Newly Online (links):

Post-Pandemic Pedagogy.” The Journal of Online Education, New York University (May 24, 2020). 

Listen to “A Lecture on Japanese Prehistory and Mythology with Professor Steve McCarty.” Deep in Japan Podcast [SoundCloud, 88.5 minutes] (14 June 2020).

Bilingual paper (2019): "Meeting Global Faculty Development Needs in Japan"

Journalistic article (2019): "Dual Nationality in Japan: Learning to Love Ambiguity"

Book now free online: Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan

Book chapter: "Social Media to Motivate Language Learners from Before Admission to After Graduation" 

Keynote Address "Disruptive Technology and the Calling of Humanities and Social Sciences" slides/paper and "Workshop on e-Learning and Mobile Language Learning" slides / journal article (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, May 2-3, 2019).

Creative works at Humanities Commons, in various media & genres, and new homepage Japanned.