Vanetta McFadden, Ph.D., Educator, Administrator, Coach



 Hi, my name is Vanetta McFadden, and I have been in the educational field for over twenty years. I have held positions in both public and private Special Education schools as a teacher, counselor, Principal and Special Education Administrator.

My goal in life is to provide the best educational services possible for students. To that end, I have researched many topics on teaching and learning, learned to administer and interpret tests, created and presented workshops to faculty and parents about individual learning profiles and how to address learning challenges, and instructed teachers on how to develop curriculum appropriate for students with disabilities.

I am very knowledgeable about DESE regulations and IEP requirements, having authored all compliance materials and student IEPs at the private high schools. 

I am a dedicated, passionate, caring, organized person who highly values working as a part of a fast-paced, committed team. I thrive at reading and researching; finding patterns; analyzing data; generating new ideas; summarizing information; creating reports and presentations; and bringing new ideas to life through in-services, coaching and constant review of progress.