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Welcome to my e-portfolio page. My name is Julie Grissom, and I am a graduate student at Lenoir-Rhyne University.  The degree I am pursuing is a Master of Science in Online Teaching and Instructional Design.  I will complete this degree by May 2017.  

 My bachelor's degree is in psychology.  This degree has given me a lot of insight in life.  I find it useful within every realm I venture. It has helped me to better understand what people are saying, and to look for what people are not saying.  Within sales, customer service, and education these skills are necessary.  Therefore, it was an easy decision to continue my education around molding the minds of children and adults.  

Being at Lenoir-Rhyne has given me a new perspective on teaching, instruction, design and all of the elements that can make teaching more impactful.  Students are not aware of the thought and time that goes into creating an effective course.  An awareness of instructional design and pedagogy must first be present. Second, keeping the design student-centered while lastly, making it engaging. This is what the program at Lenoir-Rhyne has taught me.  

What will I do with my degree?  I will move toward the corporate domain and offer my experience in creating continuing educational/training courses for employees.  This degree offers me the opportunity to meld two skills that I love, teaching and creating/designing.  

Within my e-portfolio, I showcase many of the projects, videos, and blogs that I have created throughout this program. 

Below are pictures of some of the projects I submitted for assignments throughout this program. I also created links to other projects created.  Feel free to check those out.

I am also providing a link to my LinkedIn page.  Feel free to view it.


Photo of Project Piktocharts
My professor's review of my blog post
Class project on getting to know you