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This portfolio represents an accumulation of my work during the Master’s in Educational Leadership: Community College & Higher Education program studies at Northern Arizona University.  The artifacts from my coursework and special projects demonstrate my competency of educational leadership in community college and higher education, as required by the College of Education at Northern Arizona University.

Phoenix College
Degree: Associate of Applied Science: Dental Hygiene
Sep 2009 - May 2011
Northern Arizona University
Degree: Bachelor of Science: Dental Hygiene-Degree completion
Jan 2018 - Aug 2015
Northern Arizona University
Degree: Master’s in Educational Leadership: Community College & Higher Education
Aug 2017 - May 2019
Co-Curriculum Subjects
CCHE 580 The Community College
CCHE 590 Technological Fluency and Leadership
CCHE 599 Contemporary Developments
CCHE 600 Leadership Skills in Higher Education
CCHE 620 Programs for Access and Opportunity in Higher Education
CCHE 650 Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education
CCHE 680 Higher Education in the U.S.
CCHE 687 Professional Development Seminar: Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability
CCHE 690 Master's Seminar
EDR 610 Introduction to Research
Personal Goals
*Continue to employ higher level thinking as it relates to leadership in higher education and my role in dental hygiene program.
*Consider leadership into daily activites and reflect on tendencies and skill development needs.
Academic Goals
*Embrace the importance of lifelong learning as it applies to personal and professional growth in higher education and dental hygiene studies.
Professional Goals
*Develop a stronger online presence that creates a brand and demonsrates ethical and professional leadership qualities.
*Develop professional networking relationships outside the Dental Hygiene program.
*Collaborate with Dental Hygiene program director to conduct self-study for upcoming re-accreditation.