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My career philosophy is to advance the physical and mental well-being of all people by dedicating myself to innovation in the medical field and patient care. I will forever be a student in the medical world and will be updated on the most advanced and efficient methods and resources available. I will be at my best intellectually and emotionally when working with patients and colleagues. No matter the project, conditions, or patient, my ultimate priority will be the patients health and understanding of their circumstances.

My interest in the medical field stems from a love for the maths and sciences and a desire to be in a career dedicated to serving others. Assuming not all the work in this career will center around these areas, I promise to take the passion I have for maths, sciences, and service with me in everything that I do, knowing that all my work is helping me to my ultimate goal of being the best health care provider I can. 

Work Experience
Northern Indiana Volleyball Association
Volleyball coach
Goshen, Indiana
December 2017 - March 2018

The head volleyball coach for the 10 and under Goshen feeder team. Included practices and tournaments on Sundays.

Kropf Industries
Office employee
June 2016 - August 2018

A summer job that included making sample boards for mobile homes, and other odd-end jobs around the office.

Goshen High School
Degree: Academic Honors High School Degree
Aug 2013 - May 2018
GPA: 4.21
Summa Cum Laude
May 2018
Awarded senior year for graduating with a GPA of above a 4.0.
High Honor Roll
May 2018
Awarded every year of high school for having a GPA of above a 3.7.
Academic All-State
Nov 2017
Awarded for outstanding academic performance within the fall sport season in the state of Indiana, during senior year of volleyball.
Most Valuable Player
Nov 2017
Awarded for outstanding performance and dedication during senior year of volleyball.
Beets Hoke Teamwork Award
Nov 2015
Awarded for outstanding teamwork displayed during sophomore year of volleyball.
Beets Hoke Teamwork Award
Nov 2016
Awarded for outstanding teamwork displayed during junior year of volleyball.
Personal Skills
Self-motivated - through the hospital internship I have learned to ask questions unabashedly and push my own understanding, as no one else will.
Extremely organized - due to the rigour of IB courses and the many activities I was involved in, I was forced to become organized in order to efficiently finish assignments and go to events.
Creative - through participation in the arts, I have developed an appreciation and knack for artistic creation.
Problem resolution capability - in IB courses and the hospital internship I was pushed to use analytical thinking to go further into addressing solutions for problems discovered during analysis.
Professional bedside manner - during the hospital internship I witnessed and came to practice treating patients with patience, understanding, and kindness. I also learned the importance of providing the patient with all information of their condition and possible options for treatment.
Academic Skills
Advanced critical thinking - IB courses have implemented the ability for me to think at a deeper, more globalized level and approach problems with the necessary analytical tools.
Solid foundation in science and math - courses completed include pre-calculus, AP calculus, IB chemistry, biology, medical terminology, and IB sports, exercise, and health sciences.
Research - in all IB science courses an internal assessment is required that includes creating an entire experiment and conducting all of your own research. I have completed two internal assessment's.
Technical writing - practice was gained through writing lab reports and internal assessments in IB science courses.
Professional Skills
Team leadership - in volleyball and music programs like Crimsonaires and the musical, I was tasked with leading the younger, more inexperienced members by example and direct instruction.
Microsoft PowerPoint - used in almost all classes in high school.
Strong presentation skills - through music and presentations in classes I have become comfortable in front of an audience and know how to present information in an interesting and professional manner.
Independent judgment and decision making - IB classes have instilled free thinking and allowed the development of these thoughts through projects like the internal assessments.