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       I am so excited to be working with children and really making a difference in their lives. Being a teacher is who I am and what I have always wanted to be.

      My teaching methodologies main objective is to inspire learning of content as well as developing the skills necessary for students to explore content and draw intelligent conclusions independently. I am committed to inspiring this critical exploration through stimulating teamwork amongst peers, being aware of different learning styles, teaching across subject boundaries, providing individualized accommodations, involving students in goal setting where appropriate, and being able to recognize and seize the moment when teachable moments occur.  All of these approaches can be fostered through creative lesson planning

Work Experience
  • Elementary Teacher (K-6)
    Sep 2010 - Present
    Woodside Elementary School
    River Vale, NJ

    • Earned high marks for the quality and creativity of classroom teaching, lesson plans and instructional materials used in teaching diverse subjects (e.g., language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and history).
    • Developed innovative approaches that were repeatedly held up as the model standard for meeting district goals in areas including technology integration across the curriculum, experiential learning, literacy and diversity.
    • Taught general education students as well as individuals with learning challenges and special needs within a mainstreamed, inclusive classroom.
    • Consistently commended for ability to redirect students exhibiting behavior problems by replacing disruptive, unproductive patterns with positive behaviors. As a result, selected to lead district-wide in-service on classroom management.
    • Actively served on a variety of school committees and task forces focused on curriculum development, textbook review, fundraising and anti-bullying efforts.
    • Established positive relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers and school administrators/staff.

  • University of Arizona
    Sep 1999 - Aug 2003
    Degree: BA
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Psychology
    GPA: 3.75
  • Stanford University
    Sep 2004 - Jun 2007
    Degree: Master in Teaching
    GPA: 3.95
  • Duke University
    Jan 2023 - Present
    Degree: MS
  • Princeton University
    Oct 2021 - Present
  • Rutgers University-New Brunswick
    Sep 2019 - Present
    Degree: BA
    Major: Sociology
    GPA: 3.9
My Certifications
  • Special Education
    New Jersey
  • Elementary K-8
    New Jersey
  • Guidance Counselor

    I was certified as a guidance counselor in New Jersey
    New Jersey
    (Feb 2014)
Co-Curriculum Subjects
  • Band
  • Soccer
  • Softball
Things I Love

Below are some of my interests along with hobbies I enjoy.

  • Computer Science
  • Creative & Performance
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Photo & Video
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Travel

Some sports that I like to play.

  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
    I played soccer in high schol
    Jan 2007 - May 2011
  • Softball
    I played softball all through high school
    Jan 2007 - May 2011
My Awards
  • Teacher of the Year
    Oct 2019

    Awarded by the town of Rivervale

  • Teacher of the Month
    May 2016

    Recognized as Teacher of the Month by the students and faculty of Woodside Elementary School

Places I Have Been

I've traveled throughout Japan and would love to visit again sometime very soon !!!

Professional Skills
  • Creative Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Classroom Management & Discipline
  • Experiential Learning
Book List
Books I Like

Here are some books that I enjoy

Image Description
Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice
Author(s): Anita A. Wager,David W. Stinson
book network
Image Description
The Smartest Kids in the World
Author(s): Amanda Ripley
book network
Image Description
What Your Third Grader Needs to Know (Revised and Updated)
Author(s): E. D. Jr Hirsch
book network
Personal Goals
  • To learn to play piano
Professional Goals
  • To become a better teacher