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    People rely on me for various reasons. Through hard work, discipline, and a strong will to succeed, people have gotten to know who I really am. I am the kind of person you can rely on. Patience, resourcefulness, kindness, easy going, and creativity are strong points of mine, and I'm not afraid to show it. Best of all, I have proved to be honest and loyal.


Choice Technical Academy                       

Student Congress & Student Leadership                                     

    This opportunity helped me learn a lot about leadership. I was responsible for initiating school rules and recruiting new students. This position also had a lot of responsibility, as I had to coordinate school events, inform community members about my school, and arrange meetings. Along the way, I assisted students with various projects and helped advance their mathematical abilities. Problems were solved, and students ideas were valued.

Tutor at Roosevelt Community School

    I taught non-English speakers effective methods of learning and studying the Naturalization Citizenship test. Through encouragement and proper guidance, students were able to successfully learn English. The students studied English words, sentences, and proper pronunciation.

Work Experience
  • Assembler
    Mar 2017 - Jul 2017
    Amesbury Truth

    I was in department 3150 and worked on Line A, Line 9, and on the Hawk Line. My job was to finish orders in a timely matter while checking to make sure that every part was in good condition before it proceeds to production.

  • Clerk
    Apr 2016 - Present

          I work in four departments Checker, Food Court Pay Station Clerk, Salad Bar Express Clerk, and at times in Chinese when they needed the extra help.     

    In Chinese, I served the customer and made sure the food temperature was appropriate. I also prepared the following day when needed. 

    As a Checker, I was alert and made sure to give customers the best deals. I quickly assisted and gave friendly service to customers when it was necessary.

    In Central Pay, I made sure customers got the best deals when purchasing food. I kept the dining area clean and full with supplies so customers have an enjoyable time with their family and friends.

    My responsibilities in Salad Bar include checking the salad bar, the shelf where all the cut fruit is, and preparing for the following day. I had to make everything was full in the bar and shelf for the customer. When needed I prepared orders that were unexpected

  • Choice Technical Academy
    Aug 2015 - Jun 2017
    Degree: HS Degree

I enjoy sharing my creativity with others. I have not taken any lessons in Art. People tell me I'm a good artist, and I should continue with my creative ideas.

  • Animals
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Personal Skills
  • Bilingual, Honesty and Integrity, Responsible, Loyal, Trustworthy, Positive attitude, Leadership, Planning and Organization
Professional Skills
  • Leadership, Communication Skills, Work under pressure, Creativity, Understanding, Multi-tasking