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 I am thrilled to be on my journey into two doctorates from Ohio State University. Although I am not a student attending the university right now, I have made great, long-lasting progress to reach my destination. Currently, I am earning my associates degree in the arts with a focus in music at Oakland Community College. My current school district has been gracious enough to have me involved in a program in which my college tuition is paid for. I only reap these benefits if I keep my Grade Point Average above a 2.0-which

I have succeeded in.

Eventually, when I am accepted into Ohio State University, I will pursue a doctorate not only in Vocal Performance, but in French Education. My whole life has been revolved around my love for music, and I would love to take further steps into the world in which I spend dreaming of. As for French, I have always admired the language and to be a professor at a highly esteemed institute would be the greatest honour. Of course, I would be privately teaching music lessons outside of a university unless decided otherwise.