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Employment History
Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove
Youth Development Professional
April 2015 - November 2017

Work with elementary, intermediate, or high school aged youth, at After School Program sites to develop program curriculum, activities, and clubs, implement programs, provide homework assistance, manage classroom behavior, and supervise members during programming (20:1 ratio). Serve as a positive role model for youth and establish meaningful relationships that will encourage and motivate youth participation, while abiding by BGCGG and GGUSD guidelines. 
Essential Duties & Responsibilities
• Develop a monthly calendar of activities and clubs according to program guidelines using 5 Core Areas, member feedback and organization quality standards
• Demonstrate leadership to ensure conduct, safety, and development of members and perform as a positive role model for youth and peers 
• Engage and support members’ hands-on experience with enriching activities 
• Ensure members participate in a variety of program activities; utilize and maintain resources effectively
• Ensure members are recognized with positive reinforcement; implement behavior strategies and classroom management systems
• Apply behavior management techniques when dealing with member discipline
• Acceptable physical contact with members consists of high fives, handshakes, and knuckles 
• Communicate all pertinent program information with supervisor
• Complete assigned tasks and performs responsibilities in a timely manner while being adaptable and flexible 
• Maintain an orderly and clean area as well as respects school property; ensures program areas are safe, well ventilated and lit
• Uphold organization’s mission and values, as well as develop positive relationships and abide by boundaries established by BGCGG