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Work Experience
Big chief youth center
May 2017 - June 2017

I like working at big chief, I'm just a volunteer worker, i like working there i tend to to heavy lifting, and cleaning, it fun and gives me inside look on how it is to have a job, 


Linda Naistus
camp counselor full gospel community church
-- - present

i look after the kids with some help, i help cook, and clean. we sing song too.

St. John Ambulance Saint-Jean
Saskatchewan | Apr 2017
Art & Design
Math & Physics
Sports & Recreation
Personal Skills
I took judo for 2 years, and i enter a tournament, and came in third place, it was hard, but i fought hard to be place in third, and i got a bronze medal
i have a First-Aider certificate
i volunteer at children camp for 3 years, every summer, it's very fun there i look after the kids, and help make the food, and i clean up after the kids when they make a mess
team player
motivated to work hard at anything
Professional Skills
hard worker
Personal Goals
i wanna get a black belt in judo
I wanna finish high-school and get my high school diploma, and then go for my bachelor of Science, at Lakeland college, then go to UVA to find Ishmael the rest of my bachelor of Science there and then i'lll go for a neurosurgery,
Professional Goals
i wanna work at a hospital, as an neurosurgeon