Author: Marcia L. Tate
Publisher: Corwin Press
Published Date: 2010-02-18
ISBN13: 9781412978507
Category: Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / General,Education / Research,Education / Classroom Management,Education / Learning Styles
Pages: 158

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A father's true story of his high-school-age son's winningsoccer season.

Soccer Dad is simultaneously the candid reflections of adevoted father and the enthusiastic observations of a diehard soccer fan.When Matt enters his senior year of high school, it is not without myriadparenting concerns on the part of his father, author W. D. Wetherell. What ishis role in shaping his son's future? What will life be like when Matt is awayat college? And what of Matt's soccer season? Is Matt's success in soccer justsetting him up for disappointment later in life? With the pensive eye of anartist, Wetherell follows his son's team from field to field and win to win andruminates on topics ranging from soccer's esoteric appeal in America to theconflicting emotions of a parent sending his youngest child out into the world.Reflecting on his own experiences both as a participant and a spectator, Wetherell offers a paean to the sport of soccer and the joys of parenthood.

Updated and revised with a new chapter thatbrings Soccer Dad fully up to date, this is an exciting new edition that readers will enjoy for years to come.

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