Author: Anita A. Wager,David W. Stinson
Publisher: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Published Date: 2012
ISBN13: 9780873536790
Category: Education / Teaching / General,Education / Teaching / Subjects / Mathematics,Education / Professional Development,Mathematics / General,Mathematics / Study & Teaching,Social Science / Activism & Social Justice
Pages: 213

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Educators increasingly recognise the important role that mathematics teaching plays in helping students to understand and overcome social injustice and inequality. This collection of original articles is the start of a compelling conversation among some of the leading figures in critical and social justice mathematics, a number of teachers and educators who have been inspired by them and who have inspiring stories of their own to tell-and any reader interested in the intersection of education and social justice.

An important read for every educator, this book shows how to teach mathematics so that all students are given the tools they need to confront issues of social justice today and in the future.

Included in The Top 75 New York Times Best-Selling Education Books of 2013.