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A Little About Myself

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." ~Albert Einstein

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I am so excited to be working with children and really making a difference in their lives. Being a teacher is who I am and what I have always wanted to be.

I remember being so upset in class as a child because I did not understand what was being talked about in the classroom. A dedicated teacher helped me by recognizing my learning disability and finding ways to assist me. I owe my success to this amazing teacher who changed my life.

Those experiences made me who I am today and I am now helping others. I assist children making the transition to our school systems here in the United States both academically and culturally. I love my job and am very proud to be in this position making a difference.

I come to this profession with definite beliefs in mind in relation to who I will be as a successful teacher, employee, and member of your community. I am a teacher who most importantly embraces the development of a trusting environment with my students. In my opinion, students only open up to learning beyond the borders of basic requirements when trust is present. One of the skills I will utilize in building the before mentioned environment is found in the ability to communicate efficiently with one’s students. I will not only provide educational data from the curriculum, but am a good listener willing to respond in kind to all ideas presented by the classroom community. I will also respond well to change in being open to learning from others in trying new approaches in lesson construction and delivery.

      My teaching methodologies main objective is to inspire learning of content as well as developing the skills necessary for students to explore content and draw intelligent conclusions independently. I am committed to inspiring this critical exploration through stimulating teamwork amongst peers, being aware of different learning styles, teaching across subject boundaries, providing individualized accommodations, involving students in goal setting where appropriate, and being able to recognize and seize the moment when teachable moments occur.  All of these approaches can be fostered through creative lesson planning.

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    May 2016
    Recognized as Teacher of the Month by the students and faculty of Woodside Elementary School
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