Kalob Martinez

Theatre Artist


Shows in Development

The Velcro Show! is a 45 minute puppet play about Velcro Kitty performed with a large-scale toy theatre. 

Velcro Kitty was king of his block in the big city of Houston, Texas. He knew how to navigate around cars, other cats, and the dreaded dogs, but now he faces a brand new challenge. His people are acting strange and they have put all their belongings in giant boxes–Velcro is worried. In this new Kalob Puppet Co. production, Velcro Kitty travels across the country and faces the challenges of moving to new neighborhood in small-town Connecticut filled with big cats and creatures he has never seen before. Can Velcro be king again? A story about finding your way, making new friends, dealing with bullies, and finding balance. This show is 40 minutes long and recommended for ages 5+.


The Velcro Show! performance at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry on July 28, 2018.