Teaching Portfolio: Holly Marie Hovan MSN, RN-BC, APRN, CWOCN-AP

My Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base (Theory, Cognitive Development, Curriculum Design)

Theory: Psychological Theory.  The theory that guides my teaching is the psychological theory. Effective teacher-student interactions guide the teaching/learning continuum.  If a relationship with the teacher and student is based on common core values, beliefs and attitudes, the learning will benefit.  If a student trusts the teacher and believes that the teacher “has it together” or “knows their stuff” the student is more apt to learn from this instructor.  Psychologically speaking, students learn from people they trust or look up to, much like the concept of role models; this why I chose the psychological theory to guide my teaching.


Cognitive Development: I am committed to the cognitive development of my students through utilization of the backward design process.  We will set goals before choosing methods of instruction and assessment.  Once these goals or essential questions are determined, methods of instruction and assessment will follow; this leads to an understanding as opposed to a factual memorization.  I will contribute to the cognitive development of my students by ensuring the understanding the material and memorize only when needed (and, understand why it is needed).


Curriculum Design: Understanding by Design (UbD); using backward design curriculum to teach


  • APRN - Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Ohio (May 2015)
  • Registered Nurse
    Ohio (Jul 2008)
  • RN-BC
    Gerontological Nurse - Board Certified (ANCC)
    Ohio (Mar 2019)
  • Advanced Practice Certified Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse
    Ohio (Oct 2016)
  • Medicine