Teacher Portfolio Webpage for Marina Albanesi

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  • Geography
  • Linguistical area
  • Mathematic
  • Istituto San Vincenzo, Via Boncompagni 18 Milano
    Degree: Graduation in "magistrale school" (pedagogical area)
About Me

My education includes a graduation in "magistrale school" (pedagogical area), but I took the most part of my knowledge from my work experience. Indeed, I began to work very early when I was 22 in the 1980 as substitute teacher in a elementary school closed to my parents' house.

After 2 years I became an elementary teacher and I worked in a private school in Milan for 20 years. During this experience I learned the importance of knowledge, of the personal relations with alumns and with their parents. Sometimes in my classroom there were some children with specifical problems and I worked with other teachers to solve these.

In 2003 I decided to change and I'm actually work in a public school more closed to my house. This school is totally different from the first one but it was and it is a possibility to involved myself in a new experience. Throught my job I learned the flexibility, adaptability and that sometimes changing is good.

Concerning my related experience I did courses in the university of Bergamo.

My teaching experience includes in particular linguistical and mathematical area.