Mrs. Amy Razor

Executive Director

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership to include re-imaging cooperative's vision, mission and goals to support Northern Kentucky districts with training and innovative practices can be achieved through synergizing our region(specific plans will be shared at interview). The following information highlights a few of my experiences as a strategic leader: 


 In Pendleton County Schools, I have spent the past 4 years working with all stakeholders to re-image our vision, mission and goals through:

  • formal methods such as retreats
  • focused leadership team meetings                               mission
  • sharing goals with stakeholders
  •  building relationships to strengthen trust
  • providing needed resources to support staff so that they can accomplish their goals(i.e. counselors and resources). 
  • working with budgets to maximize resources

We have worked as a team to reduced barriers for student learning which includes:

  •  Writing grants to secure funding/resources(Secured over 1.4 million dollars)
  • Uniting community members to fulfill specific needs such as one to one tutoring
  • Back Pack Program to provide basic needs
  • Securing curricular resources to include textbooks and creating common unit assessments
  • Summer learning opportunities and tutoring off-site(Whiz Kids)
  • "Bubble groups" to support students who may be "falling through the cracks".

As part of NKCES, I believe these experiences will allow me to be a trusted partner with local school districts and the learning community to research and apply innovative 21st century practices; leverage resources; develop strategic alliances, inspire powerful leadership; and provide exemplary customized services to districts, communities and our students.

Using SYNERGY as a platform to strategically strengthen our region, will allow each district's identity to be honored while also valuing our differences. The combined strengths of the Northern Kentucky Districts working together  will create a student-focused region which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. The essence of synergy is to value differences - to respect them, to build on strengths, and to compensate for weaknesses in order to become something greater than standing alone. How could this not be good for our students in Northern Kentucky?