Mrs. Amy Razor

Executive Director



Welcome to my portfolio of educational experiences and accomplishments. As an educator, many positive opportunities have allowed me to use my skills and talents to  impact students and student learning. I have served in various roles that include teacher, instructional coach, principal, assistant superintendent and executive director.  Each position has played a key role in who I am today as a leader. Recently, I have accepted the position as Executive Director of NKCES.  I believe my past experiences have prepared me to lead in this regional position to support all 17 Northern Kentucky Districts.  This web page highlights professional learning opportunities and most importantly, impact on student learning. Most importantly, I am a "Kids First" educator and believe that if decisions are based on what is best for students--their voice can be heard the loudest!

As I begin my work as the Executive Director of NKCES, the word that I have been sharing is "synergy": two or more things working together in order to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of their individual efforts. As a region, we have the challenge of preparing students from an early age to be college and career ready and to build capacity as educators through professional learning opportunities. We want to be your partner and help connect, grow and serve your professional learning needs. I believe that the educational talent and passion for impacting student learning is exceptional in Northern Kentucky. I hope you join me in creating synergy for our region that makes a significant impact on student learning. 

Excellence in teaching and leadership is a career-long process. The NKCES Team is your partner in professional learning to focus on individual learning, to foster collaboration for school improvement, to impact program implementation by coordinating opportunities for sharing and providing feedback all for the purpose of moving students toward success. Please contact the NKCES Team to request additional support or suggestions for professional learning. We are committed to building the capacity of educators in Northern Kentucky and we want to start by helping you.





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