Aimee Cribbs




I come from a family of educators, so teaching and learning is in my genes.  I taught for 20 years in Georgia's Title I schools.  I currently work full-time teaching teachers.  My post-secondary instructional expertise is in writing instruction.  I scaffold success from teacher candidates and graduate students through empathy, honesty and a balance of rigor and support.  

A Teacher's Gratitude 

I am a teacher.

I give thanks for dry erase markers that work and pre-sharpened pencils,

for chocolate and caffeine.

I meet canceled meetings, bathroom breaks and snow days with gratitude

and I am thankful

for forgotten fidget spinners and silly bands that've come and gone,


for completed paperwork, planned fire drills, and a full night's sleep.

And as a holiday break arrives,

just in time, 

I give thanks

I am a teacher.

I give thanks for challenge and unspoken trust,

for a-ha moments and tears.

I meet the chance to grow, the chance to learn and the chance to love

with gratitude.

And I am thankful

for calm and compromise,

thankful for

the knowledge I am making a difference

one human at a time.  

                      --Aimee Cribbs, 2017


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