How can I add specific documents to a page?

You can do this in a number of ways.
  • You can upload photos and/or documents to your 'photos' and/or 'document / files' sections and then assign each photo or document to an individual pages. This will create separate sections on each page for your photos and documents.
  • You can upload photos and documents to your 'photos' and 'document / files' section and then 'hide' them. When you hide them, then will no longer be visable in the sections but you can use the URL and embed photos or create a link to a document directly in your page content. To embed these links into your page content, go to 'insert' menu at the top of the page editor. ( You can also embed links and images from external sources )
See also How can I find the URL of a document I have uploaded? | How can I find the URL of a photo I have uploaded?

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