Can I embed a file into one of my pages so the file opens in the page instead of just having a link?

Yes if your file is PDF. By default, you cannot embed a power point , excel or word file directly in a page because these are files in which the user will actually need to have the appropriate program on their computers to view them. For example, if a user tries to open a power point file but does not have power point on their computer, they will not be able to view the file.

PDF files are a little different in the sense that they are very universal and most browsers have the ability to read them regardless if the user has the program installed on their computer. That being said, you could upload a pdf file to your 'documents / files' section and get the URL of this file. (How can I find the URL of a document I have uploaded? )

Then, go to the 'My Pages' section and click on the 'settings' icon for one of your pages. Paste the URL to the area 'Redirect page to URL or Embed external URL into page' and make sure that the 'Embed URL in Page' radio button is selected.

Now when ever you access that page, your pdf file will open in the page.

Click here for video tutorial

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