Can I embed photos directly into the content of my pages?

Yes. The text editor will allow you to insert the URL of an image into your page content. Your image can be hosted at another location or uploaded directly to your PortfolioGen photo gallery. If you upload your photo to your PortfolioGen photo gallery, you have the option of hiding it from your gallery while still being able to embed it into your page. If you have photos that are uploaded to Google Picasa, Flickr or somewhere else on the web, you will be able to insert that image link directly into your content. Please be sure that the privacy settings for any photos using another service are set so they can be viewed by other users.

If you want to embed your own photo, you can upload the image to your photos section and then follow the instructions here ( How can I find the URL of a photo I have uploaded? ) . You can then hide your image from appearing in your photos section.

View Video Tutorial on How to Insert an Image into Your Content

See How can I add specific photos and documents to a page? for more info.
See How can I find the URL of a photo I have uploaded?

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