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About PortfolioGen

In a world of conventional portfolios, it's difficult to stand out. PortfolioGen gives professionals, teachers, students and educators an opportunity to showcase their skills in a modern and unique way that goes beyond traditional binders.

Initially created for teachers, educators and students, PortfolioGen allows anyone to create their own online portfolio. With over 155,000 users from over 110 countries, PortfolioGen has become the preferred online digital portfolio resource for teachers, students, educators and professionals. Developed by teachers, PortfolioGen makes it easy to create a customized e-portfolio to showcase and share your skills, education, work experience, achievements and provide an opportunity for reflection and continued professional growth.

We are passionately dedicated to simplifying portfolio website creation while providing our members with an abundance of exciting features. Show the world who you are and what you have accomplished with PortfolioGen.


These are actual testimonials sent to us by some of our users. We take great pride in all the positive feedback we receive!

I believe my Portfoliogen e-portfolio helped me secure a teaching position. Portfoliogen is easy to use, easy to customize, and extremely professional looking. I am so pleased with the service and product provided by Portfoliogen, I recommended it to my other friends and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to create a quality e-portfolio.

Tina Wisconsin

This website is absolutely wonderful! It is incredibly easy to use and is great for future employers to learn more about me.

Chelsea Texas

Portfoliogen is a great way to create an online portfolio! I found it very user-friendly. I was able to create exactly what I needed through their site and they gave me many options when creating the design and layout. I recommend this site to anyone looking to create an online portfolio.

Alyssa Texas

I found PortfolioGen while I was looking for a way to make my own webpage. I saw the multiple ways the site could be used as a classroom tool but I also realized that I could display my whole portfolio for prospective employers to peruse at their leisure. I put my philosophy, my resume, pictures, highlights of my career, and letters of recommendation on the site. It was incredibly easy and it looked great!

Karen California

I absolutely would recommend using Portfoligen for a teaching portfolio. I have tried other websites before but none offer the simplicity and ease of use as well as options and tools designed specifically for teachers. I absolutely love that I can embed multiple videos for teaching and place endorsements right on my website. My electronic portfolio looks professional and is easy to navigate!

Jennifer New Jersey

A lot of the principals were extremely impressed with my use of technology in creating my portfolio online. I loved that I was able to also see where my portfolio was being viewed and how many times a day it was viewed. I would HIGHLY recommend PortfolioGen to any seeking a job, especially those that value the use of technology.

Rebecca Texas

The PortfolioGen layout is user friendly, guiding you step by step through each aspect of portfolio building. The staff at PortfolioGen is readily available, answering questions in a timely manner, and always willing to help. Adding a personal electronic portfolio website to resumes, cover letters, and business cards allows school administrators to view my credentials, lesson videos and photos with ease. I am extremely pleased with PortfolioGen and would encourage teaching professionals to create an online portfolio.

Julia Ohio

PortfolioGen allowed me to put together the perfect visual portfolio. After 10 years of teaching, I needed an uncomplicated precise way to display all my talents. Using this technology put me ahead of the game and later found out that it was the QR code that made me memorable during the interview. I got the job!

Jennifer Texas

With PortfolioGen, principals were able to see the teacher I am in true form. I was able to upload reference letters, images of my classroom, and, most importantly, videos of my instruction. Principals didn't have to speculate about my ability to teach because they could see it.

Matthew Colorado

This is the best way to impress a prospective employer with your assets and skills in the workplace. It's also a way to demonstrate your use of technology!

Deborah Michigan

PortfolioGen is really making things easy for me as I compile my education portfolio to become a teacher in the state of Maine. The user interface is very comprehensible, even for someone with little knowledge of how to create a web presence. The templates are plentiful and the whole process has been very easy to navigate. The hardest part about writing a portfolio shouldn't be the formatting, and thanks to PortfolioGen, this last leg of my journey toward my dream career has been very smooth. I especially love that my work is password protected!

Danielle Maine

This site is very easy to use and provides a great way to create an e-portfolio.

Annie New York

PortfolioGen has allowed me to create a professional approach to and structure in respect of a previous jumbled Portfolio of Evidence. It allows colleagues and other interested parties easy access to my documentation without having to "kill a few more trees" by printing these out. Obviously, because it is online, it allows me to update and add whenever I need to. I know that one can also do it with a Word doc. However, as PortfolioGen has created such a user-friendly format, I can access my Portfolio in one place with all the various documents professionally "stored". It created structure for a person that needed it desperately.

Pieter South Africa

This website is amazing! Having an online portfolio to show in interviews is very beneficial. This has been the easiest way to portray my achievements to my future employers. Thank you PortfolioGen!

Shannon Florida

PortfolioGen is a great way for teachers to market themselves while searching for employment. Online portfolios follow the technology era and show employers that you're not afraid to change it up to stand out. PortfolioGen is easy to use.

Emily New York

This site is very easy to use. I am so happy that I upgraded to the premium version because it allows for greater customization. I really appreciate the ability to password protect the entire website since it contains a great deal of personal information. In my opinion PortfolioGen would do well to market this site to the general public and not specifically to teachers. I think this site would be useful to anyone seeking to put together a comprehensive employment portfolio of their education, qualifications, and experience.

Iman Indiana

I've loved using PortfolioGen for my online portfolio - more than any other hosting site I know of. It's easy to use and I've had great feedback regarding the layouts.

Jenna British Columbia

PortfolioGen is a fantastic resource, it has allowed me to develop my portfolio in a matter of days and the opportunity to showcase my teaching experiences to potential employers.

Christine Victoria, Australia

I decided to give your product a try, to use as an electronic portfolio for my teacher evaluation this year. I am so glad I did! Your product is so easy to use and edit. I tried your free version and immediately wanted to upgrade. I feel that the price was right! I've tried other "free" sites, and have been frustrated. I probably could have gotten by with your free portfolio, but I think I may have future use for it, so I upgraded. Thanks!

LouAnne Illinois

I was not sure how easy it would be to turn my binder teaching portfolio into an online portfolio until I joined PortfolioGen. PortfolioGen is such an easy site to navigate and very appealing to portfolio readers. I am very impressed and as I finish my portfolio I am sure that others who read it will be impressed too.

Theresa Pennsylvania

This website is so easy to use. I love it!

Ilene Florida

As a future art educator, I was excited to start creating my online teaching portfolio. It has been easy to put together and I love being able to share my education and experience in a creative way. Over the years my work has taken me to so many different organizations and I feel that my portfolio will help bring all my experiences together in a relevant and meaningful way.

Lisa Pennsylvania

I researched many portfolio sites in preparation for my TEFL teaching. This by far has been the easiest to the use and understand. The directions are clear and concise and have exactly what a teacher needs!

Laura Virginia

Portfoliogen is a wonderful website to create a portfolio on. I enjoyed being able to add pictures to help give future employers a glimpse into my classroom. The statistics feature is helpful when you are wondering how many people have viewed your portfolio. It is a great way to be able to give future employers easy access to your portfolio. It was very easy to create and I am happy with the final product!

Olivia Ohio