Teacher Portfolio for Richard Weir

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  • Social Studies
    North Carolina
  • Mount Olive College
    Degree: Associates of Science in General Studies
  • East Carolina University
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies
  • East Carolina University
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
  • East Carolina University
    Degree: Master of Arts in Teacher (History)
Co-Curriculum Subjects
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Soccer
  • Student Government Association
About Me

My name is Richard A. Weir and I am a Social Studies Educator.  I have been teaching since 2010 in Eastern North Carolina.  I have taught in rural and urban settings with students who ranged from At Risk to Academically Gifted. I teach because I care and I want to introduce students to the social sciences as a way of understanding our relationship with the world outside of the classroom.

I have a belief in teaching by using any means necessary. This means that I do a great deal of research into teaching techniques and technology. I believe that as teachers it is our job to research and reflect. We must find ways to lift up our students no matter what their background or ability. It is our duty to treat our students as we would want to be treated as well.

I am certified to teach secondary and middle school social studies in North Carolina. At this time I have taught Civics and Economics, World History, Middle School Social Studies, and American History. I am also AP Certified to teach Economics and Government. In addition to my certifications I attended the Mooresville Graded School District Summer Connection Conference in 2013 to learn about using technology in the classroom. I also hold several degrees from East Carolina University. I have two Bachelor of Arts Degrees, one in Anthropology and the other in Multi-Disciplinary studies. My Master of Arts in Teaching degree is also from East Carolina. My love for learning is as great as my love for teaching.

Outside of teaching I am a father and a husband. I have been married to my wife since 2000 and have been a father to a wonderful little boy since 2011. My family is my reason for being and everything I do relates back to them.