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Why Create a Digital Portfolio Website?

Online e-portfolios let educators, students and professionals showcase themselves and provide an opportunity for reflection and continued professional growth.
Developed by teachers, PortfolioGen makes it easy for users to create and add portfolio pages, upload documents, insert photos and links, embed videos and add relative content to build a comprehensive online portfolio website that you can customize and design to reflect your own personal style.

Portfolio Pages

Create and add individual pages to your portfolio website. Add your own content with an easy to use WYSIWG editor.

Files and Documents

Upload and attach important files and documents to your portfolio, including resumes, transcripts, lesson plans, assessments and coursework.

Password and Privacy

If you require additional privacy, you can password protect your entire portfolio or individual uploaded files at anytime.

Education and Certifications

Easily add your education, institutions, degrees, GPA, certifications and subjects and co-curriculum subjects and have them appear in your portfolio.

Photos and Videos

Upload photos and embed videos directly in your portfolio and add captions to help showcase your works and achievements.

Request endorsements

Easily send endorsements request to peers and colleagues. You can then approve those endorsements for inclusion in your portfolio.

Journal / Blog

Include a journal page in your portfolio that will allow you to create and add daily posts as well as invite feedback.

Goals / Skills / Interests

Include sections in your portfolio that display your goals, skills, interests and awards.

Employment History

Easily create an employment history section in your portfolio that includes job title, description and employment dates.

Book List

Create lists of your favorite books and reading material to display on your portfolio.

Embed Your Twitter Timeline

Easily embed a Twitter timeline into your portfolio.


Include a section in your portfolio that displays all your athletic achievements.

Create a Public Profile

Create a public profile to connect with other users and share information without having to share your actual portfolio website. A recent survey shows 85% of all jobs are filled through networking.

Responsive Design and Layout

Customize and personalize your portfolio design. Change colors, background images and layouts. Responsive design ensures it looks great on all devices.

Messages and Stats

Your message center allows your portfolio visitors to contact you. You can also see statistics on visitors to your portfolio website.

This website is amazing! Having an online portfolio to show in interviews is very beneficial. This has been the easiest way to portray my achievements to my future employers. Thank you PortfolioGen!

Shannon from Florida