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An efficient, self-motivated individual with excellent communication skills; dedicated to working to the best of her abilities; analytical, intuitive, organized; diversely experienced in children's rights and special education law; devoted to empowering families to become their children’s best advocate 


Danni Bloom's Bio: 


Danni Bloom (born June 7, 1973) is a wife, stay-at-home mother, and an advocate for people who have special needs. Her adult son, Christian, has moderate autism. He was diagnosed in 2000, when there were no state-funded programs or private insurance coverage available for Autism treatment in South Carolina. For a couple of years, she and her husband hired a private agency to come into their home each day to provide ABA-based behavioral treatment for their son. During that time, she and her husband researched the many different methodologies behind Applied Behavioral Analysis and took note of which methods worked best for their son. They began to create instructional aids that they used to help train college students to work with Christian. Pretty soon, they were managing their own ABA-based, home educational program. These instructional booklets are now being used by parents, professionals, and educators all over the world to help children with Autism and other developmental delays.  


Thankfully, there are private insurance companies and state-funded programs now available to provide access to ABA therapy, but unfortunately, there are often long waiting lists for the services.  The purpose of these instructional aids is to help remove some of the fear and trepidation out of receiving the Autism diagnosis, while helping to provide parents and educators with the tools and confidence needed to immediately start the learning journey. You can find their books on Amazon, eBay, Facebook , or by contacting Danni directly at danni.bloom@gmail.com.           


Danni graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with a Criminal Justice Cognate. She plans to attend law school to become a Special Needs Attorney. She has spent the past fifteen years advocating for her son’s rights and for the rights of other special needs families. She recognizes that it can be quite challenging for some parents to be able to obtain the special education support services that their children may need. Many parents are unaware of their rights and responsibilities when they have a child served in the public school’s special education program. As a special needs advocate, she has hosted parent workshops and has met with families individually to help empower and guide them in understanding our state’s special education programs and special education law. Her goal is to teach parents how to ensure that their children receive the support services required to enhance their educational experiences.


Knowledge is power! When parents are armed with knowledge, it is much easier to be sure that their children’s educational needs are being met. It allows little opportunity for their children to fall into the cracks and go under-served in our state’s educational system. While children with special needs may learn differently, or participate in school-wide activities differently, they are no less than their non-disabled peers. They do, however, require special services to provide them with the support necessary to participate as fully as possible alongside their non-disabled peers. Danni has made it her mission to help parents understand how to secure these services for their children.


You can learn more about Danni by visiting SugarPea Products for Autism on Facebook or by viewing her online digital portfolio at http://www.portfoliogen.com/dannibloom. 


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Employment History
Self - SugarPea Products for Autism
Owner, Special Needs Advocate
Chapin, SC
February 2004 - present
  • Informs parents of their rights and responsibilities as they relate to special needs, children's rights, special education law and advocacy 
  • Suggests appropriate special education services and community-based programs to meet individual needs
  • Researches legal issues regarding the implementation of the Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Guides and educates parents, guardians, and/or students to strengthen advocacy skills
  • Leads parent/caregiver workshops on special education topics
  • Creates instructional materials for special needs educators
  • Manages an intensive, home-based, functional life skills program for adult son with Autism